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AGF’s operational policies and guidelines are tailored towards the need to timely and appropriately meet the needs, wants and requirements of Partner Lending Institutions (PLIs) active in the African SME financing space while managing inherent risks effectively. To this end, AGF always strives to ensure that its products and services are at all times relevant and add value to its PLIs. AGF’s operations in this regard have a PLI Orientation and are anchored on sound and efficient credit processes. 

Products Offered

AGF currently offers two product lines:

1. Financial guarantees in support of the following:
2. Capacity Development Support to PLIs to enhance their SME financing capabilities as well as Capacity Development support to SME Business   Development Support companies and SMEs themselves. 

Benefits Associated with AGF’s Products

AGF’s products have the following benefits:

  • Assisting PLIs scale up their SME lending activities in situations where their target SME clients are unable to meet collateral threshold requirements;
  • Improving the solvency (regulatory capital) ratios of banking partners and thus enabling them to have a better leverage on their capital;
  • Enabling PLIs raise long term resources for use in funding the long term needs of their SME clients;
  • To enable PLIs scale-up equity capital financing of SMEs with promising outlook, but with relatively weak financial structures and those in the  seed and start-up phase, mezzanine financing and/or risk capital operations;
  • Developing and strengthening the skills, management practices, strategies, systems, competencies and abilities of PLIs to effectively increase their SME financing business;
  • Assisting Business Development Support services firms (BDS’) enhance their capacity to assist SMEs improve their business management skills such as governance, general management, financial management, and marketing; and
  • Assisting SMEs enhance their business managerial capabilities especially in areas which include among others, governance, human capital management, quality control, packaging, financial management, and marketing.


Eligible operations

The eligible operations include: start-ups, scale-ups, modernization, productivity improvement, production capacity improvement, transfer of ownership and restructurings. 

Transaction procedure

The request for a guarantee should be submitted by the financial institution which is providing the financing. The request should provide the following initial information:

Payment of claims

AGF will provide an advance payment of 50% once a claim is presented, followed by the balance once procedures which are clearly outlined in the guarantee agreement have been adhered to.



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